About Me


Obolobo” is a Twi word for fat man or woman.  Though I am not fat, I do find the word interesting because I think it’s fun to say and it’s a palindrome.

I’m an American who used to live in Ghana for more than three years.  Trained in finance and real estate, I initially came to this country to work in commercial real estate development.   Eventually, I decided to start my own venture.  Many consider Ghana to be “Africa for Beginners”.  I wanted to see if an American concept could work in Ghana.

This blog contains my observations on living in Ghana, cultural aspects of Ghana that I find interesting, some re-posts from my private blog, and my thoughts on how I hope to lead my life back to the U.S. of A.

This blog has evolved to include more stories of every day expats and Ghanaians.  News coverage of Ghanaian life skims the surface of daily life.  I am trying to expand the scope of this blog to catalogue the experiences of expats, returnees, and Ghanaians.   Though I have had a frustrating time here, I believe through the stories of every day Ghanaians and expats readers can develop a more expansive understanding of living and working in Ghana.

For more information about living and working in Ghana, topic suggestions, or additional resources, please comment below and I will send you an email.


  1. Stephen Feiden

    I’m an expat from Chicago! I’d like to connect with you and share some of my own experiences. I Studied Finance at the University of Illinois at Chicago and plan to be in Ghana for several months. Currently staying in Tema. Send me an e-mail and lets talk. Thanks!

  2. Unum

    Great to read from you and your blog is quite reflective though things have evolved.

    You mentioned Oluyomi – Accra Expat.

    Please do you have her contact??

    Kind regards

    Pinocchio’s has great ice-cream. 🙂

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