Odd Scene of a Family on Vacation


Beast of burden

Movies portray “happily ever after” once two people tie the knot.  They often do not capture the daily, mundane negotiations between partners.

Last week my friend and I were heading to Positano and we witnessed a couples’ spat in the making.  We were eating gelato at a nearby cafe when I spied a father carrying four pieces of luggage — a stroller for two, a large rolling suitcase, smaller black rolling suitcase, and a backpack — while his wife and two young daughters each stood beside one bag across the street.  At times, the girls would leave their bags when something caught their eye and the mom would call them back.

Once we finished our ice cream, we discovered that the family was also waiting at the same port.  The mother and daughters had left their luggage with the father.  The girls had gone wandering around and the mother had to mind them.  The father perched beside the family’s luggage relegated to taking photos of the port.

No wonder wife and husband were hardly talking to each other on the boat.  I was thinking this man somehow had been relegated to “the help”.


Wife and husband waiting at Port of Salerno; daughters out of frame on the left



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