Ghana Not Yet a Rainbow-Friendly Country

african gay is not choice

This is not Ghana 

Foreign gay men may travel to Ghana for work and may not be aware they are in a rather anti-gay country.  Ghana is not like the US, Europe, or even Taiwan where homosexuality is accepted — not just tolerated.

Ghana is a very religious country.  Most people are either Christian or Muslim.  This article suggests that evangelical pastors are fanning anti-gay sentiment. In conversations with employees and every day folks, I did not get a sense that Ghana was particularly tolerant of homosexuality.  Violence against suspected gays does not seem uncommon.

The Republic of Ghana was founded in 1957.  The Criminal Offences Act 29 of 1960 makes it illegal for “a person who has unnatural carnal knowledge of … another person of not less than 16 years with the consent of the other person” punishable by up to 3 years in prison.

In other words, a friend commented, the founding fathers considered homosexuality to be such a threat that they wrote anti-sodomy laws into the Constitution[sic].  Even if these laws are not in the Constitution per se, the consequences are clear:  Fear of persecution keeps most gay men in the closet.

Of course, there are still gay men in Ghana.  Based on the habits of the handful of men I suspected of being gay, there does seem to be gay friendly clubs and bars.  As with straight bars, I’m sure the hip ones change from time to time.  For instance, Chester’s (Bar) no longer exists.

If you try to fulfill your needs, be careful that you are not being set up for blackmail by the police or a desperate person.  Heck, even non-gay men who get mixed up with the wrong people could be framed in “homosexual acts” with photos and be made to pay to avoid going to jail.  Young men offering themselves for money are probably more poor than they are gay.

I would suggest going through trusted friends to meet gay people.  Most gay people have pretty good “gaydar”.


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