From Sadness…

I’m deeply saddened by the killings in Charleston earlier this week.

I’m surprised by how much things have affected me.

I’ve been following how the left and the right are responding to this event.  On the left, John Stewart summarized how wrong this was and contrasted how America responds to foreign threats with those within its borders.

On the right, it took a long time for any “leader” or Fox News to acknowledge how race was the primary motivation for what happened.  Does that mean half the population cannot see how Dylann Roof was racially motivated to murder nine black people in a historical black church while very clearly saying anti-black statements?

That makes me concerned and a bit scared.  I’m not sure exactly why.

We are all living similar lives in parallel.   I’ve noticed on Facebook how my black friends hang out mostly with other black people; my Asian friends mostly hang out with other Asians; my Spanish-speaking friends hang out with other Spanish-speakers; my white friends mostly hang out with other white people.  I’m not a mind reader.  I don’t know what all these groups of people talk about in their private moments.

But seeing the conservative Presidential field claim that this attack has nothing to do with race, I ask myself, do all white conservatives think the same way?  Do we all perceive the world from such different perspectives?  What do conservatives see when they see me?

I thought “we” all knew there were problems stemming from America’s history.  In time, the old hatreds would die and people would recognize that “we” are all human beings.  Now, I’m not so sure…

Then this afternoon I read how Mitt Romney (!) unequivocally declared, “Take down the Confederate Flag.”  Thank you for recognizing how the Confederate Flag is a symbol of hatred for a large segment of the population.  Thank you, Romney, for giving me a small dose of hope.

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