Moving Forward

Well, I’m ready to move forward.  I’ve taken the last five months to sort through what I want to do and resolve several loose ends.  The last few years have been pretty trying: starting a business in a foreign country, the inevitable strain on my personal relationships, then returning to the US where America seems to have gone one way and I was going another.  All of these things have provided plenty of stress these last few months.

I went to talk to someone about all that’s been going on. It was really hard to ask for help. As someone told me, it’s nice to have a personal space where you get to be selfish and all attention is on you.  I got to talk to someone and my mind is finally clear.

Currently, I’m in the middle of my second Java course.  To my surprise, I discovered that I quite like trying to solve what are basically logic problems.  For instance, this week, I have to figure out how to find all the prime numbers between 1 and 10,000.

I used to think programmers were like automatons who stared a little too intently on their screens.  Now that I’m doing my little programs, I realize that they have to stare intently because they are either trying to review their code, debug their code, or sort out the logic of it all.  I look forward to finding the time to have some fun with code.

Despite this interest, I don’t know if it’s realistic to become a programmer.  I decided on learning to code because I kept having these ideas of companies to start in Africa.  When  I realized what it would take to start a company, I realized I’d need to hire a programmer.  After a while, I decided I’ll learn to code so I won’t have to pay.  Right now, I think understanding the coding process will make me a better manager/leader.

I’m leaning toward doing something “on the business side” at tech company and helping the company grow.  Next week I’ll be traveling to the Bay Area to get a better feel for what’s going on up there.

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