Closer to Home

A couple of days after I returned to San Diego my mom revealed that she was diagnosed with Level 2/3 colon cancer.  She’s completed her chemo and her surgery.  Because I had to resolve some issues while I was in Ghana, my parents were hesitant to inform me of this big news.

My mom completed some tests and visited the doctor for her final status report.  The good news: she has no sign of cancer.  She celebrated by going out to the Boiling Crab, a seafood restaurant, in town.

Honestly, I always thought cancer “happened” to other people’s families.  Over the years, I’ve had family friends who have passed from cancer and friends and classmates who have survived it.  Now, I know that my life has also been touched by cancer.

My mom’s cancer — as well as life challenges this year — have made me realize that my time with my family is limited.  Since graduating college, I have pursued my own goals seemingly farther and farther from home: New York, Los Angeles, Ghana.  After all these years, I think it’s time that I stay close to home.  I think working in New York — and all that implies — is off the table.  A six hour flight to San Diego is simply too far from home.  I’ve learned the hard way that perhaps I need to put those distant goals aside and see what I can do closer to home.  For now, “closer to home” includes all of California, Arizona, and perhaps Texas.

Ferry Terminal SF

Ferry Terminal Building in San Francisco

This month I’ve been getting reacquainted with California.  On October 5th, I watched my first NFL game – SD Chargers vs. NY Jets – at Qualcomm Stadium.  Last week, I spent most of the week in San Francisco being a tourist again: the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, the new Ferry Terminal on Market, and The Mission/Castro.  Over the weekend, I hung out with friends in Los Angeles.  I stayed close to my little corner of the vast metropolis.

Restaurants on Sawtelle Blvd in West LA

Restaurants on Sawtelle Blvd in West LA

Given all that’s happened this year, I want to determine how to apply my experience abroad and before business school to my life closer to home.

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