Republic Day in the Eastern Region

With the government releasing some of its strategic reserves, the petrol shortage has subsided.

Despite morning thunderstorms this morning, my sister and I decided to take a day-trip to Boti Falls.  What we didn’t anticipate was that everywhere we went, we would be joined by hundreds if not thousands of Ghanaians who were celebrating Republic Day (July 1st).

Our first stop was the Aburi Botanical Gardens in the Aburi Hills an hour north of Accra.

Aburi Photo 6

Aburi Photo 2

Aburi Photo 4

Aburi Photo 5

Aburi Photo 7

Aburi photo 8

Throughout the day, several Ghanaians treated us as “celebrities.”  A handful of children asked my sister if they could walk with us through out the gardens.  Several Ghanaian teenagers asked if they could take pictures with us.  A handful of them reached out to grope us as we walked by.  It’s one thing if you’re Lionel Messi or Kate Middleton where you would expect to be treated as an object; it’s quite another to be an object because of your skin color.  Our guide said that these Ghanaians want to take a picture with us, then show their friends that they know an obruni.

It took us about an hour and a half to reach the famed Boti Falls north of Koforidua.  We imagined a peaceful and tranquil waterfall — someplace where water nymphs might frolick.  Instead we pushed through a throng of holiday seekers.  The effort and the humidity exhausted us.

Boti Falls 1

Boti Falls 2

Boti Falls 3

Around 7pm we finally made our way back through the Aburi Hills to Accra.

Way Back

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