Project: Collected Stories of Reasons Why People Came to Accra

Independence Square

Inspired by WBEZ’s radio show, This American Life, I wanted to collect the stories of average Ghanaians.

Mutala was given a simple assignment: Interview people who have left their villages to come to Accra.  These conversations were recorded with a voice recorder and Mutala transcribed them.  Except for a bottle of soda and/or transport, none of the subjects were paid.  Our experience with Bukom Banku, the boxer, convinced us that Ghanaians behave differently around obruni than when they are with their own people.

Accra is the both the political and business capital of Ghana.  The estimated population ranges from 2.5 to 5 million.  Unlike most of the country, Greater Accra’s political affiliation is neither clearly for the NDC nor for the NPP.

I’ve been debating how to present these stories.  I considered writing a super article, a la The New York Times Magazine, that spanned 10-20 pages.  Reviewing these people’s stories, however, I decided to do some editing for clarity but otherwise let you “hear their voices” and make your own conclusions.

I hope you enjoy them.


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