Fore! Golf in Accra?

Achimota Golf Course

Achimota Golf Course

Learning golf has been a long-time desire.  Unfortunately, the expense and time involved in taking lessons, purchasing golf clubs, visiting the driving range, and playing an actual game thwarted this desire.

Then I recalled a friend mention she sometimes plays golf.  I thought it would be a great time to learn to play this expensive sport at an affordable price.  As with employing staff, I found that hiring coaches is quite reasonable while anything that needs to be imported tends to be expensive.

There are four golf courses between Accra and the port city of Tema.

  • Achimota Golf Club – located 15 minutes north of downtown Accra. 18 holes
  • Bok Nam Kim – located at the Air Force Officer’s Mess at Burma Camp.  This is the military base that seems to occupy most of Eastern Accra.  9 holes
  • Celebrity Golf Club – located between Accra and Tema; approximately 30-40 minutes drive in traffic from Osu. 18 holes
  • Tema Golf Country Club – 18 holes

Apparently, the last three clubs do not believe in websites.

($1 = GHC 3)

I visited Celebrity Golf Club over the weekend.  You have to pay an initiation fee and an annual membership.  For a single person the total is around 1500 cedis.  Then, every time you play you must pay an additional 30 cedis (greens fees).  If you do not become a member, then it costs 40 cedis to play.  I believe there is a weekday and weekend rate of 30 and 40 cedis, respectively.  Private lessons cost 30 cedis per session.

As far as golf courses go, Celebrity Golf Club hardly compares to what I’ve seen in the States.  Nonetheless, you must recognize that the price is much cheaper than what you would pay in the US.  For instance, The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego has an initiation fee of $350,000 and monthly dues of $1,452.  Even the more affordable Bernardo Heights Country Club has an initiation fee of $6,500 and monthly dues of $582.  It’s simply a matter of you get what you pay for.

Achimota Golf Club is undergoing a $2 million renovation to bring the course up to international standards.  I heard that initiation fees will be 6,000 – 7,000 cedis for individuals and $10,000 for corporations.  The golf club will not be open to new members for another 2 months.

I spoke to the owner of Golf World at the Tema Central Mall.  Golf World is official distributor of Callaway Golf and other major golf brands.  He said his high-quality starter (golf) set would cost $900.  Disregarding the price, I don’t want to have an additional bag to check-in when I leave Ghana.

Ultimately, I decided I still won’t take up golf in Ghana because I don’t think I can afford the 6 hours to sit in traffic from Osu to Sakumono to play a round of golf.

Well, maybe I’ll rent a golf set and take some lessons for 80 cedis a pop.


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