A Kitchen Mystery

Something Missing

What’s missing?

Back when I lived in East Legon, the house I stayed in was part office and part living space.  (This is quite common in a country where rent is expected 12-24 months upfront.)  We also had a pantry. A couple of months into moving in, I noticed that all the spoons went missing.

At first, I simply bought some more spoons.  I bought a 16-piece set with two types of spoons, forks, and butter knives.  Within a couple of months, all the spoons disappeared again.  When I inquired with my house mate, she said that some of her customers would walk off with the spoons.

Now, living in my own residence, I’m facing the same problem.  The apartment came furnished with a handful of utsensils and I bought another 16 piece set. Right now I have >8 forks and 3 spoons.  Someone is coming into the kitchen and taking all the spoons.   Perhaps they think, I’ll just take one.  He has so many.

Maybe I’m missing something here.  Are spoons a prized utensil?

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