Something to Be Thankful For

Moving to Osu has been a boon … to my waistline!

Over the last few months, I’ve discovered that there are THREE dessert spots in Osu.

Arlecchino Ice Cream


Arlecchino Retail Store on Oxford Street in Osu

Established in 2007, Arlecchino has become ubiquitous across Accra.  While their main store is on Oxford Street in Osu, they also have ice cream stands at Max Mart in East Legon, and beside the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall and the new Weija location.  Though they claim it’s gelato, I wouldn’t go that far.  It doesn’t have the density that I associate with “gelato.”  Nonetheless, I am content with how it tastes like high quality ice cream, e.g. Haagen Dazs.

Arlecchino is on the south side of Oxford Street located right before the road branches in two.

Arlecchino’s retail store also serves some savory pastries but the focus is on the ice cream.  One scoop is 5 cedis, two scoops are 10 cedis, three scoops are 15 cedis.

Arlecchino 1


Pinnocchio 2

This relative newcomer also offers high quality ice cream for about the same price as Arlecchino.  In addition to ice cream, Pinocchio also serves high quality salads and sandwiches.  (I know the travel books recommend you not to eat salads in Ghana but I’ve had a couple of salads here. I’ve never gotten sick.)  The restaurant is playfully colorful.  It’s like stepping into a children’s book.  Pinocchio is a good place to hang out with friends; I’ve seen several couples go there for dates.

I believe Pinocchio has more flavors than Arlecchino.  Arlecchino is located across the street from Firefly on the road behind the Total filling station.

Pinnocchio 1

“Frozen Yogurt Place”

If you’re watching your waistline and you’re willing to sacrifice the creaminess of ice cream, then I suggest you go to the “Frozen Yogurt Place” on the top floor of the Oxford Street Mall.  (I’m not a huge fan of frozen yogurt so I’ve forgotten the name of the place.)  This store also opened last year.

Though they also offer ice cream, most people come for the frozen yogurt.  When you enter, you grab a cup, then fill it with the frozen yogurt flavor — peach, berry, vanilla, chocolate — add toppings or syrup, then weigh it.  When I do go there, I usually spend around 10 cedis.

(I’ll go back for pictures later this week.)

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