My Favorite Season

We’re in my favorite time of the year: mango season.

Every other day, Mutala goes out and buys 10 cedis worth of mangoes.  A couple of months ago, that was 5 mangoes.  Starting last week, 10 cedis can buy you 3 mangoes.

Coming from California, I consider mangoes to be a bit of a delicacy.  They usually cost around $4 to $5 in the grocery stores there.  By the time mangoes arrive in the US, they often are orange-red.  I’ve learned that is nearly too ripe.

Mangoes are nature’s candy.  They are soft, juicy, and sweet.

Unfortunately, mangoes are protected by a thick skin that I would not recommend you biting.  Furthermore, there is a rather large seed shaped like an oblong disc.  In other words, it’s not circular.

Everyone seems to have a different way of getting to the juicy core.

1. Peel the skin, then slice around the seed. Cut the slices into smaller pieces that can be forked.

2.  Peel the skin, then eat it like an apple.  This is the messiest way.


3.  Mangoes more wide along one axis than the other one perpendicular to it.  Slice the two “hips” of the mangoes, then slice each “half”.and push out the fruit.  Cut the skin off the seed and eat the around the seed.  (This is how parents eat mangoes.)

Result from method 3

Result from method 3

Unfortunately, mangoes attract flies.  I finally get to use the bug  zapper I purchased a while back.

Bug Zapper

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