Three Cheers for Ecoband!

Top Chef All Stars

On Thursday, the guys from Ecoband Networks installed the equipment so I could have continuous Internet service.  I paid a little extra dash to get them moving faster.

It’s like I’m part of the modern world again.

For the last 15 months, I’ve been relying on these USB modems from the telecom companies.  Typically it costs 60 cedis to buy a modem with 3 gigabtyes of data on it.  Yes, data costs money.  Every time you use up the data or if you don’t use it up within the alloted 30 days you have to go buy some more.  Data packages start from 15 cedis to over 100 cedis depending on the amount of data you want.  (I think you can download a low quality movie using 700 Mb.)  Thus, I only use the Internet to read articles, check email, and review Facebook.

“Americans don’t mind bucket baths as long as they have their WiFi,” a friend observed. I must admit that is true.  It’s our connection to our world.  Moreover, video seems to be one of the main advantages of having the Internet.

Trying to download a 10 Mb file can take 3-6 hours.  In order to download updates to the Adobe Creative Suite I’d have to go somewhere with both stable and faster Internet access.  Moreover, since I’m being charged for data, I’ve been refraining from downloading any video.  I know I could download movies illegally but the slow Internet made the whole process unappealing.  So I’ve been living without for the last year.

Over the past four days, I’ve been reacquainting myself with the Internet again.  I’m paying $57 per month for the 1 Mbps speed for unlimited data.  Unlimited data.  One of the first shows I streamed was from PBS’s Frontline on scandals at the Vatican.  Then I renewed my subscription with America’s Test Kitchen so I can learn to cook again.  On Saturday, I realized that I could get video from iTunes.  This morning I’m catching up with Top Chef Season 10.  Now it takes about 40 minutes to download an hour long episode.

The main thing is it’s stable.  Those USB modems can stop working for any reason including rain and wind.  I’m so glad I have my WiFi again.

Yes, I'm a season behind for "The Walking Dead"

Yes, I’m a season behind for “The Walking Dead”

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