Odds and Ends

Source: Daily Graphic

Source: Daily Graphic

Yesterday marked the 57th year of Ghana’s independence from the British.  Despite heavy rains, soldiers marched in day-long parades at Independence Square.   The President who had to stand in the rain did not appreciate forecasts of clear skies.  Traffic during the day was light as everyone had the day off.

I enjoyed my “holiday” by staying in bed until 2pm then promptly got to my computer for the rest of the day.  Apart from my market stuff, most days I do a fair amount of reading and writing for this blog.  Going to the gym has become challenging because the traffic back from East Legon is typically an hour.  Instead of going 4-5 times a week, I usually go 1-2 times.

Better Internet

I’ve decided to invest in broadband with Ecoband.  A friend of mine is using it and she seems pretty happy with it.  The prices are below:

  •  1 Mbps – set up: $99 – monthly charge: $58
  • 2 Mbps – set up: $149 – monthly charge: $117
  • 4 Mbps – set up: $199 – monthly charge: $235

Right now I rely on these USB modems that I reload every month with credit.  It’s terribly unreliable.  I also have 3G on my tablets.  But even so, the networks I’m using — Expresso and Vodafone — can be slow and frustrating.

I should be set up by the end of next week.


I’m happy to report that Adwoa was hired by a friend’s company.  Unfortunately, she won’t be able to help me with this blog.

Motorbike and Driver

After a handful of crashes, I’m looking to retire my motorbike.  Every few weeks it seems that there is something new to repair.  I’m also reluctant to sell it.  I feel doing so would invite bad karma from whoever purchased it.  The latest repair job will cost 110 cedis.

If I retire the bike, then I need to decide on what to do with Mutala.  I’ve been paying him the same as I was last year but that amount has depreciated with the cedi.  He told me he’s been looking for work since September but with no luck.  Part of me wants to keep him on so he can help me with odds and ends.  Though he seems motivated to learn new things, I know it will take him a while to become valuable in any material way.


The cedi has stabilized.  It’s currently around 2.50 – 2.68 or buying dollars at 2.68 and selling dollars at 2.50.

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