My Routine in Osu

Three weeks into settling into my new place and a week after calling it quits on my business, I feel like I’m finally in my element.  Everything – hot water, running water, electricity — at the new apartment works.  I’m paying Justice, the grounds keeper, to mop the floors once a week and wash my dishes, take out the garbage, and sweep daily for 20 cedis a week ($8 per week).  I’ve decided to keep Mutala on so that he can pick up lunch/dinner and do errands around town.  He’s just happy to have a job.

In the mornings, I read one of a handful of books and review stock charts.  (Sometimes I will visit my old stomping grounds in East Legon.)  By 1pm, I have Mutala pick up food.  At 1:30pm, I start reading up on news in the US and Europe.  By 2:30pm (9:30am EST), I have comfortably seated at my desk or somewhere with reliable Internet and watch the computer screen until 9pm (4pm EST).  I usually have a position on; it’s important that I sit here to make sure nothing unexpected happens.  Due to the relatively slow Internet speed, I try not to do too many transactions in a week.

For some reason I find this routine both productive and effective.  Previously, in the US, I would have to wake up by 7am in New York to get a hold of what was going on — and even earlier when I lived in California.  Now I can wake up at 8am and comfortably work until the US markets opens at 2:30pm.

I also like this set up because I can almost pretend that I don’t live in Ghana.  I don’t give anyone any critical duties that I can’t do myself; I am locked away in a comfortable, functioning living space.  There’s no empty promises, sweltering heat, nor inching traffic to worry about.

The only thing I don’t like about living here is that there is no gym across the street.  I figure that’s a small price to pay for significantly higher comfort and productivity.

Even though some people think I’m not busy running around town “working,” I frequently find myself exhausted when the market closes at 9pm local time.  Usually I over-order food for lunch; I will eat the leftovers for dinner.  Perhaps once a week, I will go with friend(s) to Republic for a drink.  They serve good local cocktails for 6 cedis.  I’m in bed by midnight for the cycle to start again.

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