My New Osu Digs

map of Osu

Partial Map of Osu

I’ve pretty much settled into my place in Osu.  It’s a one bedroom that is approximately 700-800 sq. ft.  I keep saying to people that it’s too much space for one person.  I think it’s about right if I decide to continue employing people.

The apartment is furnished so I have both a living and dining room set as well as a king sized bed.  My favorite new appliance is a washing machine.  (I had one a year ago but I gave it away.)  It’s nice not to have to rely on other people to do my laundry.

My unit is one of four similarly sized apartments divided between two buildings.  There is a security wall with barbed wire as well as both a day and night guard.

I am within walking distance of ShopRite, a supermarket, as well as several of my favorite restaurants: Zion Thai, Cuzzy Brothers (steaks), Tip Top (Chinese) Restaurant.  This is a welcome change from having every other meal involve chicken.  In East Legon, I was rotating among fried chicken wings (15 cedis) from a bar called Hollywood Boulevard, grilled boneless or fried chicken from Peterpan (8-15 cedis), and (African) Chinese food, e.g. beef with black bean sauce, from a restaurant called Koffee Lounge (22 cedis).  The only downside to living in Osu is that the cost of eating at these restaurants is a bit higher.  My average bill is 30 cedis.  It’s not terribly expensive for better quality food but it also adds up over time. (1 USD = 2.32 Ghana cedis)  Hopefully, this weekend I will hit Republic Bar for some of their local drinks.

Teresa has been on leave for two weeks so I’ve been managing the “business” with my motorbike driver.  Because we’re not that busy, I have my driver pick up meals from these places — hey, it’s still a 15-20 minute walk — and bring bottled water to the house.

I operate an entertainment-type business.  I realized that if I were to completely shut down, then I would have limited entertainment options.  I would be stuck with DSTV, an overpriced satellite pay option, or Ghanaian TV (the horror, the horror!).  Instead, I’ve decided to wind my business down while also running what remains as a “hobby.”  Meaning I won’t be spending much overhead yet still be serving our long-time customers with a smaller batch of new inventory.

In addition to my hobby, I’ve decided to pour most of my efforts to short-term stock investment, aka trading.  Thus, I’m reading up on interesting topics, e.g. volatility trading,  and staying current on US and world affairs.  I figure if I can make some “small money” then it can help with my expenses.  Furthermore, it will help me further distance myself from all things Ghana.  This week was a pretty good week as I had a short on of 3D Systems Corp. (DDD)  (It had a 200 P/E!)

Right now, I’m looking to also help a friend on a real estate development project in Ghana.  I’m still learning my web development stuff.  I think it’s enough to keep me busy.

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