Can you imagine Farmer Obolobo?

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been chasing money too much.

I look over at my sister and some of my friends and notice what they have done with their lives.  And I admire them for sticking to their passions.  Many of them have gone on to do very well professionally and some financially for themselves.

For instance, I came to Ghana because I thought I recognized a good opportunity.  The fact that it didn’t work out simply makes it a learning experience.  It’s a bit of a setback but I’m taking things in stride.  I seriously cannot imagine living in Ghana for 10 years!

Some of you may be wondering, Why are you still there?  Part of it is because living in Ghana allows me to think about what to do next.  There really aren’t many barriers professionally between one area of work and another.  Unlike the US where people’s education and experience pigeon-hole you, in Ghana people at my level can move relatively freely.  In the last six months, I’ve been asked to head a retail banking effort to convince foreign corporate customers, review and analyze a real estate project, lead a business group for a new company here, and develop a business plan for a fast-moving consumer goods company.

Today a couple of friends were talking about farming.  Now I’ve never seriously considered farming.  As I considered the possibility of geometric growth, I began thinking, Can I wallow in the mud?  But that would be chasing the money again. Can you imagine Farmer Obolobo?

Despite all of these opportunities, I’m still interested in learning more about web development and perhaps computer programming.  Tonight I was wondering what makes a good programmer.  I’m looking at the list and maybe I could be a “good programmer.”  Being in Ghana allows me to think outside the proverbial box. If I became a good programmer then maybe I could do that or apply that to my experience in real estate and/or finance.


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