Poisoned Again!

The night before I was preparing some teriyaki chicken.  I had marinaded the wings for most of the day using Kikkoman’s Teriyaki Sauce and proceeded to bake the chicken at 275 C for about 80 minutes.  I’ve cooked this recipe several times.  After I allowed the chicken to cool, the chicken seemed good.  Two hours later, however, the aches in my stomach suggested otherwise.

At first, I thought it was gas.  Only as I began running to the toilet for the next several hours did I realize it was food poisoning.  Unfortunately, this is, at least, the third time I’ve been poisoned in the last 28 months.  I know one time was due to some spicy chicken wings from Starbites.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, the remedy is drink lots of fluids with electrolytes and rest.  If necessary, get a prescription for antibiotics.  In the morning, I had Teresa buy some ORS (electrolytes) and water from the local pharmacy.  I also had her buy and chop papaya and order some fried chicken wings — I know too much chicken wings — before she closed for the day.  I spent the next 24 hours in bed listening to the audiobook of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs.  (Steve Jobs seems like a brilliant tyrant!) I pretty much slept 12 hours last night.

After 36 hours, I finally feel normal.  My stomach and bowels seem to be in their proper place.  I wish I had a way of preventing this type of thing.  I thought I cooked the chicken at high heat for a significant period of time…

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