The Slow Metamorphosis Into a Ghanaian?

malta guiness

On an impulse, I bought my first Malta at a gas station this evening.

I actually almost finished a whole can.

I distinctly recall having my first Malta in April 2011.  After one sip, I furtively tossed it in the sink.  I couldn’t finish it.  I imagine it’s how foreigners first react to drinking Dr. Pepper.  It’s an acquired taste.

After nearly 3 years here, am I slowly becoming a Ghanaian?  Malta is a non-alcoholic, carbonated malt beverage.

Enjoying a can of Malta, eating Ghanaian food regularly, turning up at events later and later, and adopting a more forgiving definition of beauty all suggest that I’m slowly turning into a Ghanaian.  For instance, I used to think only this was nice:

Shiseido Model, Yuri Ebihara

Shiseido Model, Yuri Ebihara

And now, I understand what Sir Mix-A-Lot was referring to so long ago.  I can appreciate this:

Joelle Kayembe

Joelle Kayembe — it’s so hard to find pictures of her with her clothes on!

I regularly add “Ahh”s and “Oh”s for emphasis in my speech.  The girls at the office are also teaching me Twi small small.  Soon I will be speaking my Twi/pidgin like the best of them.

(I tried to hiss at wait staff in the US until my sister reminded me it was rude.)

I’m becoming that which I despise.  What is the world coming to?!!

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