Spotlight on Sharon Benzoni and her reporting of daily life in Accra


Sharon Benzoni in action

Admittedly, I hide myself in a bubble of my own making here in Accra.  I came to Ghana to start a business.  I also believed that I could be a positive force for those that I met and worked with.  I did not come to visit… er…places that I likely could get robbed, e.g. Jamestown, Nima, Soddom and Gomorrah (Agbogbloshie).

For those of you interested in the real Accra, I encourage you to read The Rockefeller Foundation’s Informal City Dialogues – Accra written by my friend and fellow obruniSharon Benzoni.  Sharon came to Ghana around the same time I did.  She was pursuing her MA in African Studies from the University of Ghana at Legon and has a desire to write professionally.  The Informal City Dialogues hired several people to report the daily life in a number of developing country cities including Accra, Chennai, Nairobi, Bangkok, Manila, and Lima.

Sharon is fearless.  She gets around town on a motorbike — not something I’d recommend for anyone but professionals.  Sharon is unmistakably white and I admire her for being willing and interested to enter where most whites will not. More importantly, for the series, she visited many of the areas where the majority of Accra natives seem to live.

Here are some of her articles:


  1. Angela A Frimpong

    I am Angela. (Grinnell College Class of 2020). I watched a documentary about what Sharon Does in Ghana and I want to connect with her. Do you have any idea how I could get her email?

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