New Hope and Opportunities

My business is based on a successful American concept.  My business offers high quality product rental and delivery.  One of the challenges is explaining to customers that we are renting not selling.  Since the business is a subscription model, it is very important to make sure that customers are happy.

Things are actually doing much better.  From the low in August,  membership has nearly doubled.  Most of the growth has been from convincing old customers to return.  I’ve incentivized everyone — including Teresa I and II and the driver — to have a sales orientation.

Thus, kind of on a lark, I hired a fresh grad to help out.  I’m paying her about half as much as my current staff. As I have mentioned before, employers have great latitude in firing during the first three months so the downside is limited.  So far she seems interested in learning and is a quick learner.

Despite the limited downside, hiring this person has prompted me to review my hiring and training mistakes from earlier this year.  In April, I hired seven people to do sales.  I provided minimal training, a tablet to offer demonstrations, and expected them to perform immediately.   Initially, half of the people did okay but as both the economy became more challenging everyone became more frustrated. I think they felt like they didn’t have the tools, support, nor confidence to work through it.

I am to blame.  I did not give them enough training and time to make mistakes.  I also placed too much of an emphasis on initial sales instead of recurring sales.

Right now my plate is getting pretty full.  In addition to managing my business and attending evening French classes, I’ve been hired to develop an e-commerce website for a local company.  I’m also working on a specialized HR website based on my interests.  A friend has also asked for help with a real estate project she’s engaged in.

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