Fashion Week Extends to Accra

One of the good things I like about Accra is that with a little bit of money you can see some interesting things.  A friend suggested I check out the runway show for Ghana Fashion and Design Week at the Movenpick Hotel.  VIP tickets (1st and 2nd rows) were 100 cedis ($50) and regular tickets were 50 cedis ($25).  I opted for the latter.

I am impressed there is even a fashion “scene” in Accra.  With a population of 2.27 million, Accra has the same population as Pittsburgh or Charlotte, NC and a much lower per capita income.  Has anyone been to the Pittsburgh Fashion and Design Week?

The designers were not exclusive to Ghanaian designers.  The show featured several designers I (surprise) have never heard of including: Tuedor and Wright, House of Marie, Katungulu Mwendwa, JIL Boutique, Vonne Couture.

Ajepomaa Designs

Ajepomaa Designs

Trish O Couture

Trish O Couture

TAP Designs

TAP Designs

For more photos, check out Ghana Fashion and Design Week’s Facebook page.

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