Arrested for Grapes and Air Fresheners!

Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners

How much are those worth?  Maybe 30 cedis? 50 cedis?

Apparently, being accused of stealing these items can result in being jailed in Ghana.

Our house employs Adwoa to clean, wash, and babysit my housemate’s child. Emmanuel, Adwoa’s brother, works as a stockboy at a grocery store.  He was accused of stealing grapes and air freshener(s) then arrested by the police.

The police are not granting him bail at the moment and will keep him behind bars overnight.

According to Adwoa, some other stockboys stole these items.  He picked up some bar codes or stickers that had fallen on the floor.  Based on this circumstantial evidence, they arrested him.  Adwoa is in his early 20s.  Though he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, I don’t think he deserves to spend time in jail.

Tomorrow, my housemate and a friend will visit the station to see how he can be released on bail.

For something as petty as grapes and air fresheners, why can’t they just fire him?  why do they have to jail him?  While America is a litigious country that thinks everything can be solved with a lawsuit, Ghana clearly thinks that the best thing to do is to lock people up — no matter how petty the crime.

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