Behind the Curtain


Code Academy is a wonderful coach!

More specifically, it provides a no-judge online environment for learning HTML/CSS, Java, PHP, and several other web-oriented languages that I only recently became aware of.   You can take any of a number of courses at your own pace.  I completed the first course on HTML/CSS in about a month.

My sister is an artist/computer scientist; she suggested that if I wanted to learn to code, I should give it a try.

Though I started college when the Internet was just becoming user-friendly, I have always been a bit intimidated and leery of learning to code.  I’ve bought a couple of books but could never get past the first few chapters.  Now I’m willing to dip my feet into the deeper end of the programming pool.

Code Academy has several stories of people who started there  and who eventually wrote their own mobile apps and this one guy who build one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 sites of 2013.  Turns out the company was founded in 2011 and funded by several companies and people I have heard including: Union Square VenturesKleiner PerkinsRichard Branson,

After completing the first course on HTML/CSS, I’ve started the course on JavaScript and have decided to repeat the HTML/CSS course just to be sure that I really know it.  On the advice of another friend, I’ve decided to take on a project that’s fun.

Nowadays, many web ideas can be bought “out of a box” and you simply have to tailor it your specifications.  Instead of taking the easy way out, I hope to build most everything from the ground up.

Programming still seems intimidating but the I’ve seen the man behind the Wizard of Oz and I’m not so scared any more.

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