City Escape


After 28 months in Accra, I’ve seen most of what I want in the capital city.  Most of the time, I want to escape the dust, honking taxis, and inattentive service.  Thus, I spend most of my free time at Villa Monticello.

Villa Monticello is a 14-room boutique hotel in Airport Residential.  Most of their hotel customers are corporate clients from outside of Ghana.  Rooms start at $250 per night on weeknights and $220 per night on weekends.


They have two restaurants that offer Mediterranean-inspired dishes.  Prices are close to what they would be at Starbucks, e.g. $4.50 for a cappuccino, or a fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles, Houston, or Atlanta ($7.50 for club sandwiches, $18 for grilled fish, $32 for steak).

Many Ghanaians frequent the restaurant because the food is pretty good and the ambience is a combination of cozy and discreet.

I prefer it because they don’t mind that I stay here for hours while I use their broadband Internet.  I usually will eat a meal here plus coffee.


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